November’s Favorites

The first time I was exposed to PIXI products was from a video of a familiar YouTuber that praised a number of products from this cosmetic company. For a long time I’ve been looking for face products that will recover my tired skin and searched for a product that will bring the lightning back to my facial skin and now i certainly found!
About a month ago I went to the closest cosmetics store and purchased three products from PIXI, I acquired the PIXI Rose Tonic, rose oil and rose Cleanser.

The products themselves are very beautiful and aesthetic in appearance, As I stood in front of the shelf that contained all the company’s products i wanted to buy them all at once. The prices of the products are affordable and I have already received a recommendation so i chose to experience them.

It’s about three products that complement each other. At first I use Cleanser to wash my face. It is a muddy liquid with no dominant odor, but it leaves beautiful results on the skin. After applying the mud and washing it with water, my facial skin remains clean and Vital.
After washing the face I take some of the Rose Tonic on cotton paper and clean all the surface. The product has a subtle and romantic scent and after a number of uses seems that the product shrinks the pores in .my facial skin

Last but not least, i drip a few drops of oil on my palms, rubbing it well until the oil is heated, and then gently absorbing the oil on my skin.
I must say that after two weeks of daily use my skin seemed to feel more and more vital. my skin looks glowy and softer. I am definitely going to stick to these wonderful products and even consider experimenting with more of the company’s products.

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    1. Aluf Danielle says:

      Thank you ❤


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