5 DIY sites that you have to visit


If you always had love for sewing or you always dreamed of designing your own clothes-this is the site for you. On Melissa’s website you can find detailed guides: how to sew leather, how to sew decorative stitches, hoe to sew a clear bag and many more.

The site that is managed by two sisters offers a wide variety of crafts that you can prepare yourself at home. On the site you can find a guide to making bead earrings, trendy hair clips, creative ideas for gifts that can be prepared for our loved ones, picture frames and more.

If you are already excited about approaching Christmas, this site offers you many guides that will help you get ready for holiday: On the site you will find guides for making Christmas greeting cards, a guide to preparing Christmas wreaths, gifts for lovers and even a guide for making an ugly sweater in Christmas style. The site offers many additional projects – worth a visit.

This site focuses mainly on house designs and event designs. On this wonderful site you will find tips for kitchen design, wedding design ideas: Bridal cakes, guest books, gifts for guests, and many more.

The concept of this site is awesome! This is a website that is an online encyclopedia of questions beginning with “how to.” It can be: how to write a novel in 30 days, how to clean white shoes and even how to create a simple AM radio. the sky is the limit.

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