Must have items for this winter

The cold season is here and if you haven’t had any serious shopping yet, here are some basic items for the upcoming winter you just have to purchase!


Some things don’t change over the years, like the classic puffer coats and the fur coats that still stays around, the optimum way to warm up on cold days.

H&M, Uniqlo, Tommy hilfiger


In this winter the masculine and the large jackets are back in the game. you must buy few jackets in different colors and patterns so you can upgrade any performance without effort.

Mango, Gap, Mango


`Large and loose` is the name of the game here too! Purchase a number of large and loose sweaters in different colors, You can combine them with jeans and long plated skirts.



This winter you will need a high boot with a warm-color , a low heeled boot for a casual look and a heeled leather boot for a evening and romantic look.

Zara, Mango, Zara


This items will became the most useful items in your closet and It’s guaranteed! Fashionable jeans pants, wide jeans overalls and cool jeans jacket, no need more than that for a young and chic look.

Mango, Zara, Levis


The women’s leather jackets use to be in the previous seasons with female-cuts but this season the women’s leather jackets are more manly, long and loose and adds some spice to the romantic look. Beside the jacket you just have to have a long leather skirt with ruffles and corsy leather pants.

Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara


And how can we mention winter without mention scarves, gloves and all kinds of complementary and warming accessories?!
Be creative – It looks good on you!

Levis, American eagle, Zara

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