Tattoo-All the details behind my decision

I have two tattoos. behind the first tattoo I have no romantic or interesting story to tell, it was a hasty decision i took when I was 17 years old. it’s a different story When it comes to the second tattoo.
My second tattoo I did on my birthday in my early twenties, when I was enough adult to know that my connection to the tattoo should be real and that it would accompany me for the rest of my life.
Usually, from personal experience, the desire to make a tattoo comes from a strong connection to a particular idea. First you feel a strong connection to some idea and then cames the desire to tattoo it on the body, if it’s reversed it’s going to be something you could regret.
Since I’ve remembered myself, I’ve connected with the singer and songwriter Tom Waits, His songs moves me and his first song i ever knew, Martha, stole my heart. Tom Waits Rough voice in addition to the words and his composing, It was, and still is, a love story for me.
First of all I prepared a sketch. The hallmar of Tom Waits is his hats that he’s wearing, And in general, beyond that, I have a special sensitivity to elderly people, and, yes, I am a nostalgic person.
I took a pen and the first sketch I ever got on the page I applied to the man who did my tattoo. I decided to sketch a hat leaning on a walking stick, dedication to that nostalgic spirit, and of course, dedication to Tom Waits, my most valued artist.
It’s been over a decade now since I did my tattoo, and I never regretted my decision.
My recommendation for those who want to get a tattoo is; if the decision to get a tattoo arives before the idea of what you want to tattoo on your skin so don’t do it, you will regret it. First you should find this thing that you want to draw on you’re skin , an immortal notion that you will find it worthy even after long years, and only then realy do it.

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