How i cover my Gray Hair Roots

In my mid-twenties, gray / white hair began to appear on my head and slowly, over the years, it began to take over. It’s a matter of age and genetics but in the end, all of us will have it one day – sooner or later, no one can escape.

Permanent Solution:

In general, to hide my gray / white hair, I dye my hair with the hair color `EXCELLENCE CREAM` by LOREAL. The hair color covers all the white hair and gives me complete long-term coverage. I have tried a number of hair colors in the past but only this color covered my hair as I wanted. so If you dye your hair at home, this is definitely the color I recommend.

temporary solution:

If you want to temporarily hide the roots, between coloring, I recommend a temporary solution that will save you: `MAGIC RETOUCH` by LOREAL. This is a hair spray but I do not recommend spraying it directly on the hair because it can leave stains and unflattering spots on your scalp. What I recommend doing is splashing the liquid on a clean eyebrows or lashes brush and brush it over your hair roots, the result will be natural and stunning.

It’s also okay to love yourself as you are, with all the signs that the age brings with it, and it’s also okay to want to upgrade yourself, in the end – the most important thing is to be happy and to feel comfortable.

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