The most beautiful houses in the world!

I have a hobby that some of you may find it weird: No matter where, In reality, on the web or in newspapers, I love to see beautiful and tastefully decorated homes.
Many times I have tried to define my personal taste in home decor but i realized that my personal taste is constantly changing over the years. Sometimes I like the clean white line and sometimes I connect more to the rustic and warm design, there is no end to it.
Over the years, our marital status is changing and our personal needs as well. I believe that the secret is to design a home that will fit you personally, its important that your home will be comfortable and practical for you, that will inspire you and will make you want to come back to it every day.
Now I will show you some of the most stunning homes I have come across on Instagram lately. Just by looking at the pictures I got a lot of inspiration, maybe you will be inspired too.


Which one you liked the most?

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