My Winter Hat Collection

1. Beanie with pom pom – there is Nothing like beanies hats to really deal with the cold weather and with the winds that winter brings, And there’s nothing like pom poms to decorate the hat and to add him a childish and graceful touch.
This hat I usually use during the day, to work or to errands, it is less suitable for evening and for important events.

2. Warm fuzzy hat – I’m in love with this furry hat! This hat I purchased from one of the Chinese sites. The hat has decorations of flowers and despite the fibers of the hat that tend to drop out and stick to the clothes, it is so beautiful that it is worth it.
The hat can also be worn during the day and in the evening.

3. Fuzzy baseball cap – This is a baseball hat with furry fibers added that brings to it a crazy chic. it can easily suited to any garment and definitely upgrades the overall look.

4. Fedora – My favorite hats!
I have these hats. They add romance, mystery and magic to every performance. These hats have a very immortal style that fits to every outfit, literally every outfit! These hats are the reason I wait every year to the winter to arrive!


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