Disappointing Products – November 19

This month, that is about to end, I tried a number of products that unfortunately disappointed me. Here they are:

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo + conditioner

I’m starting with the product that disappointed me the most. I was tempted by commercials and because I had a lot of wavy hair on my head, I wanted to lower his volume
And really half of my hair volume was down but not in the way I wanted it, half my hair just dropped out of my head after several uses. I immediately stopped using the product but the damage was allready done.
Everything is clear to me, it is clear to me that the product may be good but does not fit me specifically and it may be that others really like it but for me, it is a product that I was badly disappointed with this month.

Panda’s dream white magic cream + panda’s dream brightening eye base by tonymoly

Unfortunately I was not excited at all about these two products I bought together. The face cream did not apply well and made my face look pale and shine free, the product just did not compliment my facial skin.
The brightening eye base didn’t do any useful action either. I have only used both of these products twice and have forgotten them ever since.

‘Glow to go’ by essence

It’s a completely useless product mainly because it simply cannot be sprayed on the face.
When I squeezed the spray, two streams of fluid hit my face, leaving me embarrassed with fluid stains on uneven parts of my face. Even if you put the splash problem aside, I didn’t like the childish, unflattering glitter the product leaves on the skin. Not pleasant at all.

‘Color on eyes – warm brown’ by Careline

Like I wrote in one of my previous posts: “Although the colors looks beautiful on the palette, they are not pigmented and not smeared nicely on the eye”.

Thank you for reading, hope I helped a bit. If you have a different opinion on the products I mentioned here, feel free to write me a comment. Kisses!

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