My latest purchase from Mac + Review

From time to time, I love to visit Mac’s stores to see what has been renewed in them and to enjoy, among other things, their stunning and inspirational designs.

After deliberating lightly I decided to purchase the PREP+PRIME FIX STROBE GOLDLITE.

It’s a primer that gives a glowy look to the facial skin. It is used before makeup as a primer and also after makeup as a fixer. The product interest me especially after a lot of influencers talked about it and reviewed it and I decided it was time to test it myself.

In addition to the Fixer, I also bought the RETRO MATTE LIQUID LIPCOLOUR in The shade MADEMOISELLE. I was very attached to this shade because it can be used during the day, for work, arrangements ans so. It has a peachy nude tone which Flattering my skin In my opinion.

And for dessert, I got a super sparkly and beautiful makeup bag, Because you always need them.

After using the products for the first time, here is my opinion:
The Fixer + Primer is simply an amazing product! It gives a refreshing glow to the facial skin, it insanely complements the complexion and spreads wonderfully throughout the face. here is befor and after pictures for your impression.

The lipstick did not disappoint me neither, it is very durable and stays on the lips for many hours, it is flexible and I barely felt it on my lips during the day – which is very important to me in matte lipsticks.

The makeup bag is stunning, pinned to it a star-shaped keychain that adds a lot of chic to it, and Rose Gold, my friends, is my weakness.

Did you like the result?

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