Winter lip care

It is important in winter to keep your lips moisturized and to prevent dryness that can cause cracks, sores and, in general, a bad appearance of the lips.

Two things I care about in winter:
One, to apply moisturizing throughout the day several times and especially in the morning before I leave my home.
Two, once a day, usually in the evening, I massage my lips with a gentle lip scrub.

‘Vazelline’ and ‘Labello’ are my favorite moisturizing lipsticks/cream’s who accompany me throughout the winter.

vaseline have recently released a number of mini cream’s with special and pleasant scents, I personally purchased the ‘creme brulee’ a very sweet ans tasty scent.

And if you want moisturizing lipsticks in different shades, labello has released a new set of moisturizing lipsticks in several different shades.

My favorite lip scrub, to date, is Laline’s. This is a very delicate lip scrub with a flavor that I just became addicted to. After using my lips are very soft.

Whatever your personal taste is, the main thing here is to keep your lips moisturized. If you do not take care of your lips no luxurious lipstick will hide the imperfections.

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