Instagram profile’s that inspired me this month

1. Billie Eilish

Oh My God, this girl! What is she?! I’ll buy everything that she represents! She is a blending of everything into one: She is a beautiful girl who does not give in to the usual beauty dictates, soft yet rough, rough but with the voice of an angel. vulnerable but distant and mysterious. And she’s only 18! In my eyes she represents the future.

2. Winnie Harlow

Winnie is a beautiful and successful model that represents something very important and wonderful in this world. we should always remember that we are a material in the creator’s hand and each one of us is beautiful in his own way. Winnie should be a symbol for those girls and women who feels different and not pretty, the beauty is mostly on the inside. Feel good about yourself and empower who you truly are on the inside and everyone else will already fall in love with you.

3. Celeste Barber

celeste is a woman full of sense of humor, she is not ashamed to laugh at herself and at the world. Celeste laughs, among other things, at the concept of “perfect”, she chooses a published picture or video that usually presents a perfect life and shows her own interpretation to it.

4. Andreea Ali

Andrea is a professional makeup artist who grew up in Romania but currently lives in France. On her page you will find lots of makeup tips and examples. If you’re a makeup artist or even an amateur, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in Andrea’s Instagram page.

5. Kirby Jenner

OK, this man is hilarious!
Kirby is a Photoshop artist who introduces himself as a Jenner family member and simply pastes his image brilliantly on photos of the Jenner family, the world famous family. You just have to see to believe how good it is.


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