Sabon’s New Hair Products – first impression

In my previous post, I shared with you that I recently renewed my ‘Sabon’ product line. The hair care products series is a new series where you can find shampoo, scalp scrub, hair serum and hair mask. From what I understand, and I hope I’m not mistaken, as of today the series comes in two scents: Jasmine and Green Rose. I’ve fallen in love in the past and am still in love with the fragrance of the Green Rose series and I’ve already purchased quite a few products from the series and so I purchased the hair products from that series.
Following initial use of the products, here is my review:

Scalp scrub: The Scalp scrub is the first step in this hair care Routine, the second is the shampoo and the third is the hair mask. The product is rich in minerals and salt from the dead sea and contains a mixture of unique oils. The purpose of this scalp scrub is to gently remove dirt from the scalp and give the hair a healthy and beautiful appearance. The scalp scrub should be apply on wet hair, massage until foamy and rinse off. The smell of the scrub is very pleasant in my taste and not like other body scrubs, this one has no oil liquid in the jar. The scalp massage feeling is very pleasant and the hair attached to the scalp naturally becomes soft and greasy but don’t worry – the grease goes down after shampooing. The result, of course, is not visible
after the first use, but the process was very fun and indulgent.

Hair Shampoo: The shampoo is also fragrant with a sour rose scent. At first I was worried that the shampoo would not foam and will make it difficult for me to wash my hair, but I was happy to find out the opposite. The shampoo lashes beautifully and leaves the hair soft as after using a conditioner or a hair mask and with a wonderful scent. The shampoo comes in a 300 ml plastic bottle that will last me for a long period also thanks to the fact that it is frothy. At this point I am satisfied with the product.

Hair Mask: This is a unique mask because it can be used in 3 ways: It can be used as a hair conditioner, it can be used as a mask and can be used as a leave on mask. The texture of the mask is typical to the different hair masks and the scent is exactly the same as the other products in the series.

Conclusions After the initial use of the products: I do not see a significant difference in my hair yet although I do feel that my hair has been nourished and soft to the touch. What excited me about this whole experience was the smell! I chose the Green Rose series whose scent I know and love very much, but what drove me crazy was that the scent just felt even hours after i washed my hair and it smelled very concentrated and strong. I felt the scent for hours tightly and couldn’t ignore it.
In the meantime I am very pleased with the products and of course I will continue to use them for a while. I will post conclusions of the hair products below after prolonged use.

Thanks for reading! See you in my next post 🙂

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