My morning routine – Facial Skin Care

A few years ago no product ever touched my facial skin except the water with which I washed my face in the mornings. but what to do, with the age comes the wrinkles and with them the awareness of the importance of skin care.

I experimented with lots of products from different cosmetics companies until I found my winning combination.

So, first thing I do in the morning is to wash my face with the pixi cleanser from the rose cream series.
I feel that this cleanser cleanses my skin well.

After the cleanser i use pixi toner from the same series. I feel it balances the moisture in my skin. I actually drip a few drops onto a piece of cotton wool and apply it all over the skin area.

Next, I apply the hydrating serum from Bio Active Care. It is a moisture-rich serum designed to restore facial skin.

For moisturizing, I use day and night face cream from the hydrolique series of Bio Active Care. This is a super moisturizing face cream that leaves the skin glowing, a result I have not achieved with any other face cream.

And for the eyes I use eye cream from the hydrolique series of Bio Active Care as well.

Combining these products works perfectly for me. I have normal to dry skin and for me the result after using these products is amazing. My facial skin looks healthier, younger and tighter.

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