My loss

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been here for a long time because of unfortunate cause. At the end of March I lost a dear person, one who was close to my heart and it shook my world, made me very sad and bring me a lot of thoughts.

Photo: Danielle Aluf

This is the first loss I have ever experienced and unfortunately it touched my family and left me pensive and empty beyond the pain and longing.

At this time of my life, and by choice, I am not surrounded by friends and I am dealling with this loss with only a small number of family members. I still haven’t told anyone out loud about what happened, I’ve never said it out loud to anyone, “He’s dead.”

Photo: Danielle Aluf

My grief is a bit complex and different from the norm, but what is certain is that I feel a daily need to express my feelings and ease my heart and head.

Sometimes there are not enough words to describe the storm coming from within, so I set up the group on Facebook of Haiku songs called “haiku israel”, songs with only three lines. Songs that shoot with emotion and describe the atmosphere and the feelings in a minimum of words.

Photo: Danielle Aluf

Below are some of the Haiku poems I wrote following the loss;

“Everything has a year tag
The old songs that left you time
They hit my stomach now”

“I want to embrace the one that has never hugged me
Hold his hand that may have lost its feel
Wants to catch his eye and float with him in the dark”

Photo: Danielle aluf

“In the open air I’m with a puffy chest
Aspiring and exhaling, there are written rules
Against all odds, I will keep you alive”


I miss you every day that goes by and I promise you,
I’ll hold your hand in mine until my last day.
Your dugong.

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