Shopping from MANGO and H&M, recommendation and updates

Hi, everyone! i’m so glad that you have stick around and that you are with me again. So let’s start with the updates: What crazy days I’ve been through! As I wrote in previous posts, last week I did a test in a course I failed twice! The test was a home test on the computer, yes, if I don’t pass it this time, it will be a big failuer. The test took 4 hours and they passed me like an intense half hour. Of course I finished the test with a sense of uncertainty about my success in it and with a headache. Wish me luck!

I promised to keep up to date with the Holter Heart test I went through a few weeks ago, well the test turned out not to be normal but it’s good that I am now aware and able to act correctly forward. At this point, it is important for me to stop and recommend to anyone reading this post: Do not wait! Do not postpone tomorrow! If you are not feeling well or you feel that something is going wrong with your body, go check it out as soon as possible, there is nothing more precious than our lifes, take care of yourself!

Yesterday morning I decided that I need (not really) to buy my girl (2.5 years old) new shoes so I went to the mall and found her 2 pairs of lovely everyday sandals. I bought her an antique pink doll shoes and another pair of rubber shoes with pastel pink straps to make her comfortable for kindergarten. Of course I showed her the shoes and she really loved them, the girl loves clothes and shoes – I educated her very well!

After I finished strolling in the mall stores, I got hungry so i bought falafel on a takeaway and ate it at home in front of the TV, such an obnoxious habit. For those unfamiliar with falafel, this is the flagship dish here in Israel. These are round balls made from chickpeas put in pita and of course you can also add salads and Fries into the pita. I personally love falafel and I eat falafel at least once a week. If you are interested, heres a recipe:

In the evening me, my mom and my sister arranged to meet for coffee at our regular cafe which is in a shopping center (shopping !!). So we met and rattled and laughed and gossiped until we got tired and felt like it was the time for doing some shopping. Although we only went into two stores, I went out with both bags. In ‘mango’ I saw the perfect lather sandals that you can see down in the picture, a brown flip flop with a flattering strap, they will match with jeans or summer dresses. The flip-flops cost $ 66.83, but at the online store in the USA the flip-flops sold for $ 59.99. My mom kindly insisted to buy them for me, so thank you Mom!

After that we went into H&M and there I found a blue-to-knee denim skirt that cost $ 29 (at the USA online store it costs $ 24.99) and a black short suit with inflated sleeves and a white floral print that also cost $ 29 (in the USA online store it is Sold for $ 39.99). A fabulous overall and super comfortable for the hot summer days. I can’t wait to wear it soon. This purchase Mum also insisted on paying, So again, thanks Mom, you are the best!

I came home at night with the loot and sat down in front of the TV because I can’t sleep without some comic series that will clear my head and prepare me for a mindless sleep (I need it during this time). And this is where my recommendation comes in this post: This is a Turkish series! Here in Israel, the Turkish series is very much beloved recently at the obsession level. And after searching on the Internet for a light series that would suit me late at night, I found a recommendation for a series called “Daydreams” which is a comedic romantic series revolving around a low-class girl hero who is in love with the big and handsome boss of a big advertising company, Sure, it sounds absolutely trite, but the plot is light and funny and very suitable for people who just want to get rid of the pressure of the day and want to clear their heads a bit.

That’s it for this time! See you in my next post. Bye Bye 🙂

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