I applied a gel nail polish to myself

Hi there, not much is going on these days. I concentrate mainly on arranging and cleaning the house and on the regular things in my daily rutin.
The other day I went to my manicurist to get my nails done. The reason I did nail building is because I have very weak nails that always breaks. I really like long nails and I have never been able to extend them because they are so very weak until I decided to do nail building. I personally in love with the ‘ballerina’ nails, rounded and almost pointed nails, they are so girly. So, This time I decided to apply a milky white gel nail polish, it is a color that I will certainly not get tired of in a few days.

My pedicure I am doing to myself mainly because I can’t stand the idea of someone touching my feet, it’s a kind of disorder that started because I really don’t like my feet and I think they’re very much ugly. Everyone and their luck.

I have a three-layer nail polish that I bought about two years ago from an Israeli cosmetic company. It is a three step gel: the base, the color (there is a great variety of colors) and the topcoat. This is an excellent gel that lasts about three weeks.

This morning I decided to renew my nail polish and choosed two colors, one for the background and the darker one for decoration.
For this task, I was equipped with a led lamp to dry the nail polish and a toothpick for decoration.
I decided that I should apply as a base color the pinkish polish and I decided that with the dark color I would draw points with a sharp toothpick on one of the nails.

How It Works?

First of all, I made myself a plate with coarsely cut fruits and touches of whipped cream, not recommended for those on a diet.

So, back to business: First of all, I applied the base step on all the nails and dried for a minute with the led lamp. then i applied the nude color and then dotted the nail with the darker nail polish with a toothpick and dried a minute with the led lamp.

Then at the last stage I applied the topcoat and again dried with the led lamp. And that’s it!

what do you think about the result? (Sorry for showing my unpleasant feet’s)

Write down in the comments what you thought about the result.

This is it for this time! See you in my next post.

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