Music for the soul

On Friday night, I like to sit down with a glass of redball vodka (yes, there is no cheaper drink than that) on the balcony, facing the sea and letting everything that has accumulated in me go up and out. Sitting alone with headphones and laptop, and I plunge into the depths of my soul. I recently lost a person that was very close to me, family, and during the week I have no time at all to think and process the information, I have hardly been able to mourn the loss, and maybe it is for the best. But on Friday night, after the first glass of drink, the emotion rises and floods, memories emerge and longing and he is more present than ever. And I do not stop writing about him, about the pain and the longing that never let go. And it calms me down and does me good. Last Friday, while I was writing to him, I saw a falling star, what makes that moment very special is the fact that when I wrote to him that I thinking about him precisely when I am experiencing beautiful moments, when I am watching beautiful sights, just as I finished writing this sentence, the star fell off. I felt him present, it was as if he was signaling me that he is looking down at me and listening to everything I was saying.
So here I am, on a Friday night, sitting down again with a glass of redball vodka (my most not classic, I already said ?!), the laptop is ready for another writing session and the Playlist is ready to play. Wish me luck.

My Playlist for this day consists of mostly quiet songs that shake my emotion and manage to peel off all of the layers and leave me light, just me and my emotion. Below is my Playlist for Fridays, hope this playlist will helps you connect to your emotion as it helps me.

See you in the next post.

My Playlist for Friday night or as I call it “HOME”:

1. Jersey Girl – Tom Waits
2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Into My Arms
3. Joni Mitchel with Peter Gabriel – My Secret Place
4. Rodriguez – I Think Of You
5. Kate Bush – The Kick Inside
6. Ralph Mc Tell – Streets Of London
7. Beirut – Nantes
8. Frank Sinatra – Killing Me Softly
9. She & Him – Thieves
10. Twin Peaks – Intro 
11. Deep Purple – Lalena
12. Depeche Mode – Strangelove
13. Duran Duran – Come Undone
14. Sade – By Your Side
15. Neil Young – Harvest Moon
16. Kate Bush – The Kick Inside
17. Annie Lennox – No More I Love You`s
18. Inxs – Never Tear Us Apart 
19. Hooverphonic – Mad About You
20. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

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  1. Sheryl Gim says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for following Thoughts of SheryL!
    You have a lovely blog! 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙏

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