My unpleasant encounter with cops today

So I got up in this morning, scattered the kids in the gardens and sat on the porch drinking a cup of coffee and watching YouTube videos, so far so good. Where did it get complicated? It got complicated when I went out with the dog for a walk under the house.

It is important for me to note that I live in a less populated area and on my walks with the dog on the morning it’s rare that I meet some person on my way.

I will shorten the story, in the middle of the walk a police car stopped next to me and a policeman asked me why I did not have a mask on me and then he gave me a report for not having a mask despite my request to easy on me this time.

Sounds like a reasonable story overall right? but I took it a little hard. I took the report he gave me quite hard precisely because I do obey the law and I always walk with a mask on me and even avoid going to crowded places, and this time I chosed to go for a walk with the dog without a mask because I knew there was no human in the area at this time of the day. I am a law-abiding citizen. When I asked the policeman no to give me a report because I am always wearing a mask and only this time I did not put it on, what did he said to me? he said to me: “Do you know Murphy’s Law?” omg.

I feel he could be flexible with me and see the situation as it is. I’m in an open area where there are no people at all, I do not endanger anyone nor myself, so why insist on giving the report? in general people are going through a not-so-simple financially period so why add to the difficulty?

I’m disappointed. I feel that no judgment has been made here. While allowing gatherings, parties and events where crowds of people are infected, They choose to give a report to a woman who walks with a dog alone in the open air.

For general information, a report on non-wearing a mask here in Israel is for an amount of 145$.

What do you think about that?

Pictured: I’m in the role of the presenter of the mask


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