It’s been a long time!

Today was a special day for me. Today I did something special for myself. In those crazy days, when I am at home with my three children, I started to lose myself along the way. The routine became long and hard. I started to feel like I got up in the morning and went to bed at night without doing anything for myself in between

So yesterday a second before I went to bed I set myself an alarm clock for five-thirty in the morning hoping I would not go back to sleep and really get up as planned. The clock rang and I immediately got on my feets and quietly while the whole house was still asleeping I made myself a cup of take-away coffee and set out towards the beach which is a few dozen meters from my house.

I arrived at the beach when it was still dark outside and besides me and two other old people the beach was empty. I approached the water line and sat down in front of the sea while the dawn slowly rose. This was the first time in years that I breathed really clean air. I sat there focusing on my self, then along the shoreline I started hiking and collecting shells and other marine treasures.

Every human being needs quality time with himself, every human being needs a certain moment in the day to put only himself at the center without interruption.

When I got home, around seven o’clock, I took a shower, organized the girl and went to put her in kindergarten. On the way back, as if by magic, a song was played on the radio, a song that I really, really, really like, and that I never heard it played on the radio before. Automatically the song brought a big smile on my face, I turned up the volume and sang out loud with the radio. What is special about this is the sentence that opens the song: “Well it’s been a long time, long time now
Since I’ve seen you smile”.

Here is the song:

Beirut : nantes

More images from this morning👇

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