What’s that on my face?!

I have long wanted to try GLAMGLOE’s BUBBLESHEET mask. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a fabric mask for the face that is rich with antioxidants, the purpose of the mask is to deeply cleanse the facial skin.

So first I wet my face, as it is written in the instructions for use, and put the mask on my face. The mask within a few seconds began to bubble and lather, a strange and a fun feeling at the same time. After three minutes i carefully removed it and started massaging the remainings in circular motions. The more I massaged the remainings the frothier it also became.

And finally I washed my face. The feeling is a feeling of a clean and fresh face. The skin is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Would I buy the mask again? The answer is absolutely yes. But (!!!) only during the period that there is a discount on the product because the cost of the mask is very high in my opinion.

Product Cost (Local): $ 11.50
There is a package of 6 units at a cost of 52.20$

Have you tried the product? Write me what you think in the comments.

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