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Hey 😊👋

Hey friends! I’ve not been here for a while, I know. I have a seminar paper to submit to the university at the end of the month and I barely have time to breathe.

but! I have a stunning post on the way for this stunning product!

You can guess what it is?


My unpleasant encounter with cops today

So I got up in this morning, scattered the kids in the gardens and sat on the porch drinking a cup of coffee and watching YouTube videos, so far so good. Where did it get complicated? It got complicated when I went out with the dog for a walk under the house.

It is important for me to note that I live in a less populated area and on my walks with the dog on the morning it’s rare that I meet some person on my way.

I will shorten the story, in the middle of the walk a police car stopped next to me and a policeman asked me why I did not have a mask on me and then he gave me a report for not having a mask despite my request to easy on me this time.

Sounds like a reasonable story overall right? but I took it a little hard. I took the report he gave me quite hard precisely because I do obey the law and I always walk with a mask on me and even avoid going to crowded places, and this time I chosed to go for a walk with the dog without a mask because I knew there was no human in the area at this time of the day. I am a law-abiding citizen. When I asked the policeman no to give me a report because I am always wearing a mask and only this time I did not put it on, what did he said to me? he said to me: “Do you know Murphy’s Law?” omg.

I feel he could be flexible with me and see the situation as it is. I’m in an open area where there are no people at all, I do not endanger anyone nor myself, so why insist on giving the report? in general people are going through a not-so-simple financially period so why add to the difficulty?

I’m disappointed. I feel that no judgment has been made here. While allowing gatherings, parties and events where crowds of people are infected, They choose to give a report to a woman who walks with a dog alone in the open air.

For general information, a report on non-wearing a mask here in Israel is for an amount of 145$.

What do you think about that?

Pictured: I’m in the role of the presenter of the mask


most fun shopping from ‘Stradivarius’

I had today a super fun shopping from Stradivarius. I have an obsession with planners, stickers and basically anything related to it and I am in love with a delicate pink color combined with gold or rose gold and the purchase I made today is a celebration of everything I mentioned, a super fun and girly purchase.

The first thing I purchased is a cool pink planner with inscription in Rose Gold. The diary that has a soft leather binding, is without dates and fits for 12 months if I’m not wrong. Each month there is a monthly layout and before each weekly layout there is a page where you can centralize all the plans you have for the coming week.

Not far from the planners was a stand with small wallets and handbags and in this stand I found the next transparent wallet or pencil case. Perfectly fits the diary I just chose.

Then I thought to myself what would complete this purchase, and then I saw this perfect pink bag with a silver chain strap, OMG! PERFECT! This shopping seems like a perfect gift set.

What do you think about the shopping I did? Is it a successful purchase?

Almost forgot to mention, the whole purchase was 132 nis only! That’s 39 $.

Things that make me feel better

Hello everyone, hope everyone feels good and spend those confusing days of quarantine with as much positive vibe as possible.

Personally, for the last few days I have been in no good mood, this quarantine and the lack of knowing what tomorrow will bring it’s a little disturbing to me. So to lift my mood a little bit I started with a healthy new habit of making smoothies to myself. As I have written before, I have anemia and i need a lot of iron so i have found the healthiest smootie to have that have a lot of iron and vitamins, highly recommended! Here’s the recipe for green smootie:

One cup of spinach leaves, one cup of kale leaves, 2 stalks of carp, cucumber and half a squeezed lemon. Your body will thank you. It looks like this:

My kids were not so into the green smoothie look, so I pampered them with a sweet and luxurious fruit shake with watermelon with ice and apples with pears.

Last Friday, for me to cheer up a bit and to delight the kids, we went for a walk around the house and collected colorful flowers. The kids were very excited about the activity and learned about flowers and insects, I got a little cheer and finally we got ourselfs a stunning bouquet of flowers that adorned the dining table.

Today I decided I was tired of the hair loss I have and because I have some baldness in my hair, I decided it was time to do something to nourish the hair and encourage re-growth of hair so I applied on the scalp and on the hair itself coconut oil.

I just split the hair into 4 parts and massaged my scalp with coconut oil, I intend to wait with the oil on the hair until the night when I will wash the hair. Promises to update with the results. I wonder if I will see any changes in my hair and how long I will wait untill i will see them. We’ll wait and see.

I saved the best for the last, see what arrived yesterday !! Write me down if you want to see what I got …

This is it for this time, hope you enjoyed, see you in my next post!