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My mom’s handmade necklaces

Well, I’m really excited about the new gift I received from my talented mother. The fact that she always had golden hands I always knew, but her amazing hand made products surprises me every time. This time, my mother brought me some amazing beaded necklaces, they arrived just in time for the approaching summer, i will just throw on some T-shirt with jeans or a skirt and the necklaces would pop up my outfit.

My mom has been knitting for many years, from shirts, dresses to blankets and pillowcases and this time she did something different and decided to diversify a bit and move into the jewelry world, she combined knitting with beads to achieve the result that comes before you. She made the necklaces using knitting needle and craft threads in diferent colores, some here are gold, silver, bronze and black.

If you have the time and the desire, it is completely something you can do at home, the network is full of demo videos, there are a variety of options and techniques, you just have to choose the technique that is right for you and do it at home comfortably. There are craft shops that sell beads and all the accessories you will need, you just have to do it, if you want.

Online shop for example:

This gift really excited me and I can no longer wait for a chance to decorate myself with them, a little light hit and you will not be able to ignore me ๐Ÿ˜‰
Which necklace do you like the most? isn’t she talented ?!

The first day of spring

The whole world is in a difficult time, the Corona virus has hit all of the world and many people are currently quarantined in their homes. It is very symbolic to me that today we mantion and celebrating the first day of spring. The coming of spring marks for me a process of renewal, the rash after the storm, and that is what I wish for us during this time.
Here are some pictures of me in the spring vibe.

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Six pairs of shoes for only $ 44 ๐Ÿคฏ

I walked past many stores while shopping in the mall until a huge sign stood out in front of me with a crazy shoes sale.

After a brief deliberation on whether to enter the store or not, because I was left with only $ 40 in my wallet! And I found it hard to believe that the amount would be enough for a pair of shoes I liked, I decided to go in.

Ok, the surprise was big because I left the store with more than a pair of shoes for only $ 40, I went out with six pairs !!! That’s crazy!

I bought two pairs for 20$

This two pairs i bought for 15$

And this final two pairs i bought for 9$ only!

what do you think? Was that a successful purchase ?!

The purchase was made on ‘TO GO’: israeli Low Cost brand.

The gift that left me speechless

Today I received this amazing gift that has a lot of meaning to me: three bracelets with the caption “MOM”. Indeed, I have three children and each one of them is unique in his own way like these three bracelets, each one of them has a different color, one is gold, the other silver and the third is in gold rose. The smile doesn’t get off my face.

Feeling thankful!

Knitting for beginners

Although I do not have a lot of spare time for knitting but every now and then when I reach my dear mother I receive from her a clothing item that she knitted with her own hands.

The items she knits for me and for the family are stunningly beautiful and very warm, also because it is made by her own hands.

I always loved to look at my mother while she was knitting, the peace and the quietness that stood out in her face made me smile. There is a lot of magic in doing this, the path to the result brings a lot of inner peace that we sometimes lack in daily life.

Do you also want to get started?
Here are two of beginner knitting sites where you will find guides that will help you through the process.

My Winter Hat Collection

1. Beanie with pom pom – there is Nothing like beanies hats to really deal with the cold weather and with the winds that winter brings, And there’s nothing like pom poms to decorate the hat and to add him a childish and graceful touch.
This hat I usually use during the day, to work or to errands, it is less suitable for evening and for important events.

2. Warm fuzzy hat – I’m in love with this furry hat! This hat I purchased from one of the Chinese sites. The hat has decorations of flowers and despite the fibers of the hat that tend to drop out and stick to the clothes, it is so beautiful that it is worth it.
The hat can also be worn during the day and in the evening.

3. Fuzzy baseball cap – This is a baseball hat with furry fibers added that brings to it a crazy chic. it can easily suited to any garment and definitely upgrades the overall look.

4. Fedora – My favorite hats!
I have these hats. They add romance, mystery and magic to every performance. These hats have a very immortal style that fits to every outfit, literally every outfit! These hats are the reason I wait every year to the winter to arrive!


Must have items for this winter

The cold season is here and if you haven’t had any serious shopping yet, here are some basic items for the upcoming winter you just have to purchase!


Some things don’t change over the years, like the classic puffer coats and the fur coats that still stays around, the optimum way to warm up on cold days.

H&M, Uniqlo, Tommy hilfiger


In this winter the masculine and the large jackets are back in the game. you must buy few jackets in different colors and patterns so you can upgrade any performance without effort.

Mango, Gap, Mango


`Large and loose` is the name of the game here too! Purchase a number of large and loose sweaters in different colors, You can combine them with jeans and long plated skirts.



This winter you will need a high boot with a warm-color , a low heeled boot for a casual look and a heeled leather boot for a evening and romantic look.

Zara, Mango, Zara


This items will became the most useful items in your closet and It’s guaranteed! Fashionable jeans pants, wide jeans overalls and cool jeans jacket, no need more than that for a young and chic look.

Mango, Zara, Levis


The women’s leather jackets use to be in the previous seasons with female-cuts but this season the women’s leather jackets are more manly, long and loose and adds some spice to the romantic look. Beside the jacket you just have to have a long leather skirt with ruffles and corsy leather pants.

Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara


And how can we mention winter without mention scarves, gloves and all kinds of complementary and warming accessories?!
Be creative – It looks good on you!

Levis, American eagle, Zara

5 Instagram profiles that inspired me this month

1- Chiara Ferragni
Chiara Ferragni is a fashion icon among the world. She started Her way with the blog “The blonde Salad” which quickly became a big success and now the blog is powered by an entire team. Chiara has a story of success that many people dream of and only a few reaches. Chiara’s Instagram page is blown with style and gives tons of inspiration in fashion mainly but recently in the realm of motherhood. Chiara is a mother to a cute little boy `Leo` and he appears a lot on her Instagram page, together they present an enviable family, in a good way.

2- Or Daniel
Or Daniel is a sort of modern Cinderella. This beautiful woman, perhaps the most beautiful women in the world, is well known in Israel after her appearance on the “Big Brother” show there she fell in love with one of the contestants. After some time from the end of the show, the two was separated and Or`s heart was broken affront of entire state. But Or quickly gathered the pieces and knew the knight on her white Horse, with whom she married and gave birth to two children and together they established an amazing home in Britain. What is there to say? The woman has a high aesthetic sense, a crazy sense of fashion, a beautiful house and a beautiful pictures from all around the world.

3- Taylor LaShae
This is an American model and actress, famous for its special Parisian appearance. Taylor seemed to be drawn out of a novella. I really like to keep track of her photos because each picture tells me a story, the pictures moves me and it’s important. There is a complaint that all social networks make us feel dark, apathy, so if we are already with the head on the phone screen or the computer screen, then its better if you will spend the time on things that inspires you.

4- Valeria Lipovetsky
I love to follow the Instagram of Valeria for a few simple reasons: the woman is very positive, smiling and graceful thing, she has a healthy lifestyle that immediately makes you want to apply it yourself. as all the previous, Valeria has a high sense for fashion. In her installation page you will be able to find different recipes for smoothies, a lot of videos of her and her boys dancing and playing and a lot of good vibes.

5- Gal Gadot
And how can it be without our legendary Wander Woman. This magnificent woman is a complex of things that create a very special and rare personality: its a combination of great talent, personal charm and simplicity, with these qualities it is impossible not to conquer the world. In Gal’s Instagram you will find a woman with the feet’s on the ground, you will find a lot of kindness and really desire to do something good for this world. She’s a really wander woman!