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Inspiration board

Every month, at the beginning of the month, I sit next to my desktop with a large stock of magazines and newspapers and begins to plan my monthly inspiration board.

the inspiration board for me is a visual plaque that inspires me , fills me with motivation and pushes me to fulfill my goals for this month. I’m placing my inspiration board on the page that opens the month in my private planner.

So how do we do it?
– All we need is magazines and newspapers, scissors and paper glue.
Let’s get started! Check the newspapers and magazines until a picture or phrase catches your attention and than cut them and put them aside. Keep it up until you feel you have enough stuff for your inspiration board.

Now we’ve reached the fun part! Play with the photos you’ve chosen, and just like puzzle parts, place the photos until you feel you’ve reached the result that pleases you.

All that’s left is to glue the pieces to the board and that’s it! You have an inspirational board! So easy and still so important!

The result
Last month’s inspiration board

5 Instagram profiles that inspired me this month

1- Chiara Ferragni
Chiara Ferragni is a fashion icon among the world. She started Her way with the blog “The blonde Salad” which quickly became a big success and now the blog is powered by an entire team. Chiara has a story of success that many people dream of and only a few reaches. Chiara’s Instagram page is blown with style and gives tons of inspiration in fashion mainly but recently in the realm of motherhood. Chiara is a mother to a cute little boy `Leo` and he appears a lot on her Instagram page, together they present an enviable family, in a good way.

2- Or Daniel
Or Daniel is a sort of modern Cinderella. This beautiful woman, perhaps the most beautiful women in the world, is well known in Israel after her appearance on the “Big Brother” show there she fell in love with one of the contestants. After some time from the end of the show, the two was separated and Or`s heart was broken affront of entire state. But Or quickly gathered the pieces and knew the knight on her white Horse, with whom she married and gave birth to two children and together they established an amazing home in Britain. What is there to say? The woman has a high aesthetic sense, a crazy sense of fashion, a beautiful house and a beautiful pictures from all around the world.

3- Taylor LaShae
This is an American model and actress, famous for its special Parisian appearance. Taylor seemed to be drawn out of a novella. I really like to keep track of her photos because each picture tells me a story, the pictures moves me and it’s important. There is a complaint that all social networks make us feel dark, apathy, so if we are already with the head on the phone screen or the computer screen, then its better if you will spend the time on things that inspires you.

4- Valeria Lipovetsky
I love to follow the Instagram of Valeria for a few simple reasons: the woman is very positive, smiling and graceful thing, she has a healthy lifestyle that immediately makes you want to apply it yourself. as all the previous, Valeria has a high sense for fashion. In her installation page you will be able to find different recipes for smoothies, a lot of videos of her and her boys dancing and playing and a lot of good vibes.

5- Gal Gadot
And how can it be without our legendary Wander Woman. This magnificent woman is a complex of things that create a very special and rare personality: its a combination of great talent, personal charm and simplicity, with these qualities it is impossible not to conquer the world. In Gal’s Instagram you will find a woman with the feet’s on the ground, you will find a lot of kindness and really desire to do something good for this world. She’s a really wander woman!