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Hi everyone, I hope you are feeling well during this crazy time. I have not been here for a while because of the situation but here I am.

In my previous post I posted a little teaser about the product I will talk about in this post, so yes, this is a AMAZFIT BIP sports watch that I actually bought a birthday present for my husband about 3 years ago but it remains abandoned and closed in its original packaging.

guess what?! I took over his watch and made it mine.

Lately sports watches are completely in fashion, even for people who do not necessarily do sports.

It is comfortable, flattering, waterproof and also provides completely useful data.

Before the initial use of the watch, you need to install an app, which is really use-friendly, and synchronize between the phone and the watch so that you can receive alerts about incoming calls, messages, etc.

The watch measures steps so you can set goals for yourself through the app and keep track of your progress during the day. The phone also measures the heart beats (hypochondriacs – do not get too stressed abiut it)

On the watch you can also see the weather, you can use the timer, compass and many other things. The watch also comes with a charging case that connects with a USB cable.

I am very enthusiastic about the watch, the pleasure is all mine 😁🙂

Things that make me feel better

Hello everyone, hope everyone feels good and spend those confusing days of quarantine with as much positive vibe as possible.

Personally, for the last few days I have been in no good mood, this quarantine and the lack of knowing what tomorrow will bring it’s a little disturbing to me. So to lift my mood a little bit I started with a healthy new habit of making smoothies to myself. As I have written before, I have anemia and i need a lot of iron so i have found the healthiest smootie to have that have a lot of iron and vitamins, highly recommended! Here’s the recipe for green smootie:

One cup of spinach leaves, one cup of kale leaves, 2 stalks of carp, cucumber and half a squeezed lemon. Your body will thank you. It looks like this:

My kids were not so into the green smoothie look, so I pampered them with a sweet and luxurious fruit shake with watermelon with ice and apples with pears.

Last Friday, for me to cheer up a bit and to delight the kids, we went for a walk around the house and collected colorful flowers. The kids were very excited about the activity and learned about flowers and insects, I got a little cheer and finally we got ourselfs a stunning bouquet of flowers that adorned the dining table.

Today I decided I was tired of the hair loss I have and because I have some baldness in my hair, I decided it was time to do something to nourish the hair and encourage re-growth of hair so I applied on the scalp and on the hair itself coconut oil.

I just split the hair into 4 parts and massaged my scalp with coconut oil, I intend to wait with the oil on the hair until the night when I will wash the hair. Promises to update with the results. I wonder if I will see any changes in my hair and how long I will wait untill i will see them. We’ll wait and see.

I saved the best for the last, see what arrived yesterday !! Write me down if you want to see what I got …

This is it for this time, hope you enjoyed, see you in my next post!

Smoothies, shorts and skirts

Hi everyone, i will start with some good news, I got 82 out of 100 in the test in a course I failed twice! That is, i can finally put this course behind me and I can continue with my degree in literature.

Last week I got blood test results I did and of course the results showed that i have anemia, but in addition I lack various vitamins and I feel weak recently. I want to get what my body needs from natural ingredients rather than from pills so I decided that I want, among other things, to drink a smoothie every morning with all the products that will strengthen me and my body.

So I surfed the internet and found this video that, besides the recipes for healthy and nutritious smoothies, also gave me an idea for convenient storage of the ingredients that saved me the preparation phase. Tomorrow is the day when I buy groceries at the supermarket so I made a note of all the ingredients I need and I promise to keep you updated on the result.

It is also very important to drink a large amount of water, since I left the sugary drink and started drinking water my facial skin just became more radiant and healthier. There is no replacement for water. speaking of facial skin, I have to recommend Pixi’s Glow Tonic, it is slightly more greasy than the rose tonic I used to use but the result is more glowing, I absolutely loved it!

Recently, I don’t feel like eating heavy meals and I have no appetite so I decided to put some corn in the oven. I mixed some salt with oil and smeared the corn on the cob with the mixture and put them in a preheated oven at 220 degrees for 50 minutes. The result, Yami!

Later in the day, I arranged my closet. In the last few weeks, in this heavy heat of Israel, I can only wear shorts and short skirts, I can’t even wear long pants, just the thought of it makes me uncomfortable shivers. Here are some of my new shorts and skirts. Notice that everyone fits with a white T-shirt.

That’s it for this time, xoxo.

Shopping from MANGO and H&M, recommendation and updates

Hi, everyone! i’m so glad that you have stick around and that you are with me again. So let’s start with the updates: What crazy days I’ve been through! As I wrote in previous posts, last week I did a test in a course I failed twice! The test was a home test on the computer, yes, if I don’t pass it this time, it will be a big failuer. The test took 4 hours and they passed me like an intense half hour. Of course I finished the test with a sense of uncertainty about my success in it and with a headache. Wish me luck!

I promised to keep up to date with the Holter Heart test I went through a few weeks ago, well the test turned out not to be normal but it’s good that I am now aware and able to act correctly forward. At this point, it is important for me to stop and recommend to anyone reading this post: Do not wait! Do not postpone tomorrow! If you are not feeling well or you feel that something is going wrong with your body, go check it out as soon as possible, there is nothing more precious than our lifes, take care of yourself!

Yesterday morning I decided that I need (not really) to buy my girl (2.5 years old) new shoes so I went to the mall and found her 2 pairs of lovely everyday sandals. I bought her an antique pink doll shoes and another pair of rubber shoes with pastel pink straps to make her comfortable for kindergarten. Of course I showed her the shoes and she really loved them, the girl loves clothes and shoes – I educated her very well!

After I finished strolling in the mall stores, I got hungry so i bought falafel on a takeaway and ate it at home in front of the TV, such an obnoxious habit. For those unfamiliar with falafel, this is the flagship dish here in Israel. These are round balls made from chickpeas put in pita and of course you can also add salads and Fries into the pita. I personally love falafel and I eat falafel at least once a week. If you are interested, heres a recipe:

In the evening me, my mom and my sister arranged to meet for coffee at our regular cafe which is in a shopping center (shopping !!). So we met and rattled and laughed and gossiped until we got tired and felt like it was the time for doing some shopping. Although we only went into two stores, I went out with both bags. In ‘mango’ I saw the perfect lather sandals that you can see down in the picture, a brown flip flop with a flattering strap, they will match with jeans or summer dresses. The flip-flops cost $ 66.83, but at the online store in the USA the flip-flops sold for $ 59.99. My mom kindly insisted to buy them for me, so thank you Mom!

After that we went into H&M and there I found a blue-to-knee denim skirt that cost $ 29 (at the USA online store it costs $ 24.99) and a black short suit with inflated sleeves and a white floral print that also cost $ 29 (in the USA online store it is Sold for $ 39.99). A fabulous overall and super comfortable for the hot summer days. I can’t wait to wear it soon. This purchase Mum also insisted on paying, So again, thanks Mom, you are the best!

I came home at night with the loot and sat down in front of the TV because I can’t sleep without some comic series that will clear my head and prepare me for a mindless sleep (I need it during this time). And this is where my recommendation comes in this post: This is a Turkish series! Here in Israel, the Turkish series is very much beloved recently at the obsession level. And after searching on the Internet for a light series that would suit me late at night, I found a recommendation for a series called “Daydreams” which is a comedic romantic series revolving around a low-class girl hero who is in love with the big and handsome boss of a big advertising company, Sure, it sounds absolutely trite, but the plot is light and funny and very suitable for people who just want to get rid of the pressure of the day and want to clear their heads a bit.

That’s it for this time! See you in my next post. Bye Bye 🙂

Iron girl

On Tuesday I spent most of my day studying, as I wrote in my previous post, in two weeks from now I will have a very important test in a course that I failed twice !!! So this time I’m investing everything to get past it and move on.
The last days are insanely hot days, days in which it is impossible to leave home because the heavy heat. We decided to chill the kids a bit and took them out to the pool / fountain in the afternoon and the kids ran in between the streams and cooled down. I live in Ashdod, a city that I think is one of the most beautiful in the country, and here’s another beautiful piece from the city I’ve lived in since 1993.

On Wednesday morning, I went to visit my sister and my mother, and as always, we sat and eat a cake and drink a cup of coffee in the balcony in front of the day. And of course my sister didn’t let me go empty-handed, my sister bought me a stunning black swimsuit from American Eagle, the swimsuit is just perfect! In addition to it, she gave me two stunning dresses she stopped wearing, so thank you my sister.

Later I went looking for a good sunscreen on drugstore and I bought a transparent facial sunscreen with 50 SPF. After smearing it at home, I felt it was slightly oily, a fact that upset me. In addition to sunscreen, I also purchased a Vitamin C Enriched Facial Serum, which helps slow down the aging process. And again, after I got home, I tried it and found out that it has a shimmery shade, if I know it before I bought it I don’t really know if I had go for it. Anyway, after applying the serum my skin felt nice and soft. The product is somewhat reminiscent of the glam glow shimmering face cream.

On Thursday morning, after six months, I decided that I had to go to a nurse at my health fund and remove an earring that was stuck in my right ear for a half year now. Six months ago I had an ear infection and it swelled so much that the earring was swallowed by the earlobe. And the hole closed with the time and I was left with an earring that stuck in my ear. So the nurse sent me to a surgeon and after he laughed at me he pulled the earring out of my ear with one pull and no anesthesia. This is what it looks like:

because I was such a good and brave girl, I rewarded myself and purchased some “candies”. This is an Israeli cosmetics company that launched a tint that is very reminiscent of Benefit’s famous tint. I love the tint to create a natural tan look to the cheeks and it is really nice for the lips if I like to go for a childish and natural look.

And today, I decided to become the Iron Girl.

I’ll update later.

Third time, ice cream!

This day I started studying for a test that will take place in early June. This is a course in my literature degree, a course that makes me a hard time. I failed this course already on two tests, hoping for the third time to be a success. When I study for a test, I like to write in a notebook things that I should remember from the material while reading the textbook, it greatly facilitates me and helps me remember the material. And of course a kitschy girl like me will hold the most amazing notebook in the world. This is a spiral notebook I purchased in Accessorize store, on the cover theres a beautiful unicorn figure and there is also a zippered pocket for storing pages or documents.

In the afternoon, I took time out, made myself stuffed cigars with meat, made myself gravy and made a cherry tomatoes salad. This is a lazy lunch like me today but it was really tasty.

While eating I watched a new reality series I love “Alone – the beast”. This is a series from the History Channel, each time documenting three people who do not know each other who are trying to survive for a month with only the clothes with which they came. This is a very interesting series that, ironically, I love to watch while I eat.

In the afternoon the whole tribe had already arrived home and the mess started. I don’t know what the weather is all over the world but here were 36 degrees so I decided to go down with the kids to the backyard to enjoy some of the nature and the green. It was my day. Here are some pictures from the pastime in the yard:

See you next time!