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Homemade pickles, brunch and wall rugs

My posts, starting today, will look a little different from recent posts. I realized that there is no need for to plan the content in advance, everyday life brings with it enough moments of inspiration and ideas that anyone can be inepired by and embrace them for themselves. So from today I will post posts in them I will share with you my daily life and the things I experience, the things that makes me happy and in general I will try to bring you guys interesting content, unplanned content that comes in motion authentically and flowing. Welcome to join me.

Yesterday, which was Tuesday, I started making a pickle jar with the vegetables I love: cauliflower, carrots and Kohlrabi. The vegetables are not ready yet, I will give them another day, and of course I have no idea how they came out (this is my first time) but I do not believe that such a simple task can fail.

how to make? I separated the cauliflower into relatively small flowers, cut the carrots into thin slices as much as possible and the Kohlrabicut into sticks, the vegetables I poured into the jar (I put the vegetables in the order that i cut them but I would recommend you to mix the vegetables before adding them to the jar so you don’t have to dig to the depths of the jar to get some greenery) I poured three glasses of water, one glass of vinegar, two tablespoons of salt, a little drops of lemon juice and a quarter cup of oil. I flipped the bottle several times to mix the ingredients and that’s it, two or three days and it’s ready. I love to eat pickles next to the meals and also as a snack alongside the wine or vodka redball (yes I know) that I usually drink on Friday nights, promising to keep you updated on how they came out when they will be ready.

I spent the rest of the day with my two boys (4 and 5 years old) and the 2-year-old baby that I was home with because of the corona virus but in the first second when I had a little time to myself, which happens when the baby falls asleep around 12 o’clock, I decided to pamper myself with a small snack.

I made two Fried Eggs, which I placed on two slices of bread smeared with pesto, and of course, I made myself a hot cup of coffee. While eating I watched Lydia Elise Millen’s YouTube channel, I love watching her content recently. Her YouTube channel, at least recently, revolves around home designing and this is because she recently bought her dream home that she still designs, fashion and beauty. Some may say that she presents a picture that is too perfect and even artificial, but for me, watching her content fills me with positive energy, the content inspires me, motivates me, and most of all, I love watching people that are happy and feeling good about themselfs, we have the opposite infront of us all day long. I encourage you to watch her channel if this content interest you.

Today was a super exciting and joyous day for me, today finally, after two months when the kids were with me at home because of the corona virus, they all went to kindergartens! Yas! Freedom!!! Those two months that they were with me at home were challenging, exhausting, funny, upsetting, those days were a squeezing emotions machine. It was difficult for the children allso as well, because in the end the life they known was taken from them. In addition to the quarantine, a person very close to me who I love passed away and another family member was hospitalized (thank goodness he is now in a good shape and healthy) For moments it felt like a movie, everything ran too fast and the extraordinary and extreme plot added to the feeling that it was some fictional plot and that we would wake up any second from the dream . it was not a dream, but it seemed like the beginning of its end, the children retorned to kindergarten and I started to breath again. This morning, after putting the kids in kindergarten, I decided to visit my sister and my mom, who lives with her, and sit down for a cup of coffee and a morning chat. The three of us sat in the balcony facing the sea and introduced me to the new crafts they created. In a previous post I mentioned the fact that my mom knits everything, including covers for decorative pillows, so get this three new pillow covers she knitted:

amazing or not?! In addition to my mother, my sister also has creative hands and head, she has also started to create insanely cool wall rugs

She uses a special weaving facility and special tools to create this stunning rug. The fabric she made has all kinds of different elements, for example, at the top of the fabric there are pom-poms and down the fabric there are wires that come off it. After talking to my sister, I realized that this is a very easy job to sink into and lose a sense of time so if you decide to try it, take it into account.

my sister purchased the facility and accessorise from amazon:

My sister also didn’t send me home empty-handed, and gived me three t-shirts

two of them she bought from the online store ‘NEXT’, the shirts are white with with inflated sleeves, the other shirt she bought from ‘MANGO’ but was small on her. So thanks to my sister for the presents and for the kindness. In general, I have to replenish my wardrobe with summer clothes, if you have offers for online sites that offer beautiful, high-quality clothing and that ships around the world wrote to me in response here.
And this is it for this time. follow my site and posts if you like.
See you in the next post! Bye Bye ๐Ÿ™‚

Flavored water – tasty and healthy

I do not drink enough water and it charges a price, I am weak, not essential and my skin complexion is pale and unflattering.

I thought a lot about ways to make myself drink more water and to put the artificial juices aside and realized that I just had to add a drop of color and flavor effortlessly from ingredients I already had in the fridge.

Here are 4 recipes for water flavors that I particularly love:

1. Cucumber water:

Ingredients: half cucumber, half lemon, mint and rosemary.

2. Apple water:

Ingredients: half red apple, half green apple and mint.

3. Strawberry water and red grapefruit:

Ingredients: 3 large strawberries, half a lemon and a quarter red grapefruit.

4. Berries water:

Ingredients: Any berries you have in the fridge (there is also a frozen mixture) and half a lemon.

Add mineral water and enjoy!

Sabon’s New Hair Products – first impression

In my previous post, I shared with you that I recently renewed my ‘Sabon’ product line. The hair care products series is a new series where you can find shampoo, scalp scrub, hair serum and hair mask. From what I understand, and I hope I’m not mistaken, as of today the series comes in two scents: Jasmine and Green Rose. I’ve fallen in love in the past and am still in love with the fragrance of the Green Rose series and I’ve already purchased quite a few products from the series and so I purchased the hair products from that series.
Following initial use of the products, here is my review:

Scalp scrub: The Scalp scrub is the first step in this hair care Routine, the second is the shampoo and the third is the hair mask. The product is rich in minerals and salt from the dead sea and contains a mixture of unique oils. The purpose of this scalp scrub is to gently remove dirt from the scalp and give the hair a healthy and beautiful appearance. The scalp scrub should be apply on wet hair, massage until foamy and rinse off. The smell of the scrub is very pleasant in my taste and not like other body scrubs, this one has no oil liquid in the jar. The scalp massage feeling is very pleasant and the hair attached to the scalp naturally becomes soft and greasy but don’t worry – the grease goes down after shampooing. The result, of course, is not visible
after the first use, but the process was very fun and indulgent.

Hair Shampoo: The shampoo is also fragrant with a sour rose scent. At first I was worried that the shampoo would not foam and will make it difficult for me to wash my hair, but I was happy to find out the opposite. The shampoo lashes beautifully and leaves the hair soft as after using a conditioner or a hair mask and with a wonderful scent. The shampoo comes in a 300 ml plastic bottle that will last me for a long period also thanks to the fact that it is frothy. At this point I am satisfied with the product.

Hair Mask: This is a unique mask because it can be used in 3 ways: It can be used as a hair conditioner, it can be used as a mask and can be used as a leave on mask. The texture of the mask is typical to the different hair masks and the scent is exactly the same as the other products in the series.

Conclusions After the initial use of the products: I do not see a significant difference in my hair yet although I do feel that my hair has been nourished and soft to the touch. What excited me about this whole experience was the smell! I chose the Green Rose series whose scent I know and love very much, but what drove me crazy was that the scent just felt even hours after i washed my hair and it smelled very concentrated and strong. I felt the scent for hours tightly and couldn’t ignore it.
In the meantime I am very pleased with the products and of course I will continue to use them for a while. I will post conclusions of the hair products below after prolonged use.

Thanks for reading! See you in my next post ๐Ÿ™‚

happy valentine’s day!

Happy valentine’s day everyone!

what a fun day to make our other half feel happier and much loved. So if you haven’t had the chance yet to buy a gift for your loved one or you just want to spoiled yourself, here is the most luxurious gift for you and yor love ones.

‘Sabon’ Company recently launched a collection of hair products that really intrigued me so I quickly added them to my wish list. In this collection you can find shampoo, scalp scrub, hair mask and more.

In addition to the hair products, I added to my wish list the foot cream and the foot scrub. These two products are highly recommended by the purchasers and personally, it’s very important for me to take care of my feet before the summer is here.

It is important to note that I have never used these products before, these are new products that i am very curious about and therefore entered my wish list. I will review these products for you after using them in my next post. hopefully. O

See you soon!

My latest purchase from Mac + Review

From time to time, I love to visit Mac’s stores to see what has been renewed in them and to enjoy, among other things, their stunning and inspirational designs.

After deliberating lightly I decided to purchase the PREP+PRIME FIX STROBE GOLDLITE.

It’s a primer that gives a glowy look to the facial skin. It is used before makeup as a primer and also after makeup as a fixer. The product interest me especially after a lot of influencers talked about it and reviewed it and I decided it was time to test it myself.

In addition to the Fixer, I also bought the RETRO MATTE LIQUID LIPCOLOUR in The shade MADEMOISELLE. I was very attached to this shade because it can be used during the day, for work, arrangements ans so. It has a peachy nude tone which Flattering my skin In my opinion.

And for dessert, I got a super sparkly and beautiful makeup bag, Because you always need them.

After using the products for the first time, here is my opinion:
The Fixer + Primer is simply an amazing product! It gives a refreshing glow to the facial skin, it insanely complements the complexion and spreads wonderfully throughout the face. here is befor and after pictures for your impression.

The lipstick did not disappoint me neither, it is very durable and stays on the lips for many hours, it is flexible and I barely felt it on my lips during the day – which is very important to me in matte lipsticks.

The makeup bag is stunning, pinned to it a star-shaped keychain that adds a lot of chic to it, and Rose Gold, my friends, is my weakness.

Did you like the result?