You are used to seeing them meticulous and formal; the makeup is perfect, the spine is straight and self-consciousness is in full control. So what happens if large quantities of alcohol are added to the menu? Here is a number of videos of leading You tubers and well-known characters with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers allow themselves to lose some (much) of control in front of the cameras. So treat yourself and have a glass of champagne, a martini or whatever makes you feel happy and enjoy. Jaclyn Hill She is one of the world’s leading you tubers with 5.9 million (!) Follower, that uploads videos with makeup tutorials and make-up reviews on her channel. Jaclyn, who has recently launched a makeup company that bears her name, is a well-known you tuber which stirred up a lot of controversy among hers followers because of her extroverted personality. Although this is an old video which she uploaded about two years ago, it is a video that you just have to watch! With Her BFF beside her, her partner in crime, these two, in this hilarious video, tried to put on makeup as they used to but this time the mission was much harder because of all the alcohol involved. The video is filled of bouncing music, not-so-bad lip-syncs, stormy dances and lots of jolting. Let me just say: I wish to be the third wheel if these two will decide to do it again one day. Kathleenlights With 4.1 million of followers, Kathleen, a known YouTuber, an makeup artist, opened hers channel back in 2013. Like many others, she uploads videos with makeup tutorials, product reviews, and much more. Kathleen uploaded this particular video few weeks ago in which she and her friend tried to put on makeup while having fun and talking (at least trying) in Spanish – their native language. It’s funny to see how they break their teeth in efforts to speak respectable Spanish and to make their parents proud but fail in such a gracefully way. In the video there is subtitle in English. Seth Meyers – “Late Night with Seth Meyers If you have seen Seth Myers’s Night Show before and if you didn’t you better watch the next video: The video was uploaded on YouTube last June in the show’s official channel and the host was no other than Rihanna! Over the three months during the video was on air, it garnered 10.4 million views and over 16,000 comments. Why is the huge success you ask? Well – let’s not easily forger that we talking about a huge singer who has millions of fans, but also because Seth’s big sense of humor which under the influence of alcohol is even more better. It also funny to see Rihanna play along and interacts with him with A good sense of humor. In this video Seth invented creative alcoholic drinks with names reminiscent of names Rihanna’s big hits which he finally drank them and even made Rihanna drink them with him. If you liked the video, you should also visit the video that his hosts was his mom who taught him who has the highest capacity for drinking alcohol between the two: Kylie jenner How can we close this list without the Kardashian / Jenner family? We can’t! So…In the next video, Kylie was hosting her sister Chloe, and introduce her with the new collection of Kylie cosmetics while drinking alcohol straight from the bottles. Although the video feels less authentic than the rest, perhaps because these two were not alone. But the alcohol content eventually came to life and even the youngest millionaire opened a bit and allowed herself to go crazy with her sister on the set. It is important to emphasize: I do not encourage excessive drinking because we all know that it can lead to addiction and to real life risk. If you choose to drink then find out someone you trust to drive you home, and finally, after it’s all said…cheers!!!

My latest purchase from Mac + Review

From time to time, I love to visit Mac’s stores to see what has been renewed in them and to enjoy, among other things, their stunning and inspirational designs.

After deliberating lightly I decided to purchase the PREP+PRIME FIX STROBE GOLDLITE.

It’s a primer that gives a glowy look to the facial skin. It is used before makeup as a primer and also after makeup as a fixer. The product interest me especially after a lot of influencers talked about it and reviewed it and I decided it was time to test it myself.

In addition to the Fixer, I also bought the RETRO MATTE LIQUID LIPCOLOUR in The shade MADEMOISELLE. I was very attached to this shade because it can be used during the day, for work, arrangements ans so. It has a peachy nude tone which Flattering my skin In my opinion.

And for dessert, I got a super sparkly and beautiful makeup bag, Because you always need them.

After using the products for the first time, here is my opinion:
The Fixer + Primer is simply an amazing product! It gives a refreshing glow to the facial skin, it insanely complements the complexion and spreads wonderfully throughout the face. here is befor and after pictures for your impression.

The lipstick did not disappoint me neither, it is very durable and stays on the lips for many hours, it is flexible and I barely felt it on my lips during the day – which is very important to me in matte lipsticks.

The makeup bag is stunning, pinned to it a star-shaped keychain that adds a lot of chic to it, and Rose Gold, my friends, is my weakness.

Did you like the result?

Inspiration board – December 2019

Tradition continues and this time I sat down to prepare my monthly inspiration board with new aspirations for the next month and different energies from the last one.

I invite you to take a look at my previous blog where I detail how I create my monthly inspiration board.

This time I want to dwell a little bit on what stands behind my pictures choices.

My aspiration for the coming month is to empower myself, to love myself and to take care of myself because there is no one who know how to do it better then I do.

I hope I will be full of creativity and a desire to develop myself even if it seems difficult at times.

The result

Last month inspiration board

Wishing you all a wonderful month!

Knitting for beginners

Although I do not have a lot of spare time for knitting but every now and then when I reach my dear mother I receive from her a clothing item that she knitted with her own hands.

The items she knits for me and for the family are stunningly beautiful and very warm, also because it is made by her own hands.

I always loved to look at my mother while she was knitting, the peace and the quietness that stood out in her face made me smile. There is a lot of magic in doing this, the path to the result brings a lot of inner peace that we sometimes lack in daily life.

Do you also want to get started?
Here are two of beginner knitting sites where you will find guides that will help you through the process.

Disappointing Products – November 19

This month, that is about to end, I tried a number of products that unfortunately disappointed me. Here they are:

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo + conditioner

I’m starting with the product that disappointed me the most. I was tempted by commercials and because I had a lot of wavy hair on my head, I wanted to lower his volume
And really half of my hair volume was down but not in the way I wanted it, half my hair just dropped out of my head after several uses. I immediately stopped using the product but the damage was allready done.
Everything is clear to me, it is clear to me that the product may be good but does not fit me specifically and it may be that others really like it but for me, it is a product that I was badly disappointed with this month.

Panda’s dream white magic cream + panda’s dream brightening eye base by tonymoly

Unfortunately I was not excited at all about these two products I bought together. The face cream did not apply well and made my face look pale and shine free, the product just did not compliment my facial skin.
The brightening eye base didn’t do any useful action either. I have only used both of these products twice and have forgotten them ever since.

‘Glow to go’ by essence

It’s a completely useless product mainly because it simply cannot be sprayed on the face.
When I squeezed the spray, two streams of fluid hit my face, leaving me embarrassed with fluid stains on uneven parts of my face. Even if you put the splash problem aside, I didn’t like the childish, unflattering glitter the product leaves on the skin. Not pleasant at all.

‘Color on eyes – warm brown’ by Careline

Like I wrote in one of my previous posts: “Although the colors looks beautiful on the palette, they are not pigmented and not smeared nicely on the eye”.

Thank you for reading, hope I helped a bit. If you have a different opinion on the products I mentioned here, feel free to write me a comment. Kisses!

My Winter Hat Collection

1. Beanie with pom pom – there is Nothing like beanies hats to really deal with the cold weather and with the winds that winter brings, And there’s nothing like pom poms to decorate the hat and to add him a childish and graceful touch.
This hat I usually use during the day, to work or to errands, it is less suitable for evening and for important events.

2. Warm fuzzy hat – I’m in love with this furry hat! This hat I purchased from one of the Chinese sites. The hat has decorations of flowers and despite the fibers of the hat that tend to drop out and stick to the clothes, it is so beautiful that it is worth it.
The hat can also be worn during the day and in the evening.

3. Fuzzy baseball cap – This is a baseball hat with furry fibers added that brings to it a crazy chic. it can easily suited to any garment and definitely upgrades the overall look.

4. Fedora – My favorite hats!
I have these hats. They add romance, mystery and magic to every performance. These hats have a very immortal style that fits to every outfit, literally every outfit! These hats are the reason I wait every year to the winter to arrive!





Recently I wrote here a review of the eye shadow palette from the same series by Maybelline ‘The blushed nudes’ And I just fell in love with it. Of course I couldn’t resist too long and I ran to the store to buy the other palette from the series THE BURGUNDY BAR And I wasn’t surprised. The eye shadow is just amazing.

Like the previous eyeshadow palette, this palette also contained pigmented, easy-to-apply eyeshadows Which is easily blurred. There are no problematic fallouts and once again, the result was beautiful.

This palette, like the previous one, also contains 12 shadows, ten of them are with glitters and two are matte.
Below are some pictures with the result.

The most beautiful houses in the world!

I have a hobby that some of you may find it weird: No matter where, In reality, on the web or in newspapers, I love to see beautiful and tastefully decorated homes.
Many times I have tried to define my personal taste in home decor but i realized that my personal taste is constantly changing over the years. Sometimes I like the clean white line and sometimes I connect more to the rustic and warm design, there is no end to it.
Over the years, our marital status is changing and our personal needs as well. I believe that the secret is to design a home that will fit you personally, its important that your home will be comfortable and practical for you, that will inspire you and will make you want to come back to it every day.
Now I will show you some of the most stunning homes I have come across on Instagram lately. Just by looking at the pictures I got a lot of inspiration, maybe you will be inspired too.


Which one you liked the most?

My eye makeup for today

This morning I’ve tried for the first time the CARELINE palette ‘color on eyes warm brown’ and unfortunately I was disappointed.

Although the colors looks beautiful on the palette, they are not pigmented and not smeared nicely on the eye.

In conclusion: I’m not satisfied with the product, didn’t really like the results, in my opinion the palette is not worth its price.

If you have tried the product and you think differently, feel free to write me a comment below.