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Iron girl

On Tuesday I spent most of my day studying, as I wrote in my previous post, in two weeks from now I will have a very important test in a course that I failed twice !!! So this time I’m investing everything to get past it and move on.
The last days are insanely hot days, days in which it is impossible to leave home because the heavy heat. We decided to chill the kids a bit and took them out to the pool / fountain in the afternoon and the kids ran in between the streams and cooled down. I live in Ashdod, a city that I think is one of the most beautiful in the country, and here’s another beautiful piece from the city I’ve lived in since 1993.

On Wednesday morning, I went to visit my sister and my mother, and as always, we sat and eat a cake and drink a cup of coffee in the balcony in front of the day. And of course my sister didn’t let me go empty-handed, my sister bought me a stunning black swimsuit from American Eagle, the swimsuit is just perfect! In addition to it, she gave me two stunning dresses she stopped wearing, so thank you my sister.

Later I went looking for a good sunscreen on drugstore and I bought a transparent facial sunscreen with 50 SPF. After smearing it at home, I felt it was slightly oily, a fact that upset me. In addition to sunscreen, I also purchased a Vitamin C Enriched Facial Serum, which helps slow down the aging process. And again, after I got home, I tried it and found out that it has a shimmery shade, if I know it before I bought it I don’t really know if I had go for it. Anyway, after applying the serum my skin felt nice and soft. The product is somewhat reminiscent of the glam glow shimmering face cream.

On Thursday morning, after six months, I decided that I had to go to a nurse at my health fund and remove an earring that was stuck in my right ear for a half year now. Six months ago I had an ear infection and it swelled so much that the earring was swallowed by the earlobe. And the hole closed with the time and I was left with an earring that stuck in my ear. So the nurse sent me to a surgeon and after he laughed at me he pulled the earring out of my ear with one pull and no anesthesia. This is what it looks like:

because I was such a good and brave girl, I rewarded myself and purchased some “candies”. This is an Israeli cosmetics company that launched a tint that is very reminiscent of Benefit’s famous tint. I love the tint to create a natural tan look to the cheeks and it is really nice for the lips if I like to go for a childish and natural look.

And today, I decided to become the Iron Girl.

I’ll update later.

Korean ‘So.ko’ Products – first impression

The products of the Korean so.ko company recently arrived at the drug store near me and started to catch my attention. The packaging of the products is amazing in my opinion, this gorgeous light pink combined with gold, omg I love it!

I purchased several products to get to know the brand and its qualities. I purchased hydrogel eye patches, daily masks and glow serum. Here is my opinion on the products after one use:

Eye patches:

it is silicone patches with tiny gold particles. The patches are enriched with 24 karat gold, caffeine, collagen and hyaluronic acid. it is written that the patches helps to give a fresh look and help to soothe the skin. After putting the patches under my eyes for 15 minutes, I did feel that the patches were refreshing and moisturizing the skin. After removing them, I felt that the skin was more elastic. In general, the experience was very pleasant and the skin feels more fresh and essential.

Morning glow – daily masks:

There is no way to look good in these fabric masks but the goal is worth it, I hope. The first sensation that comes after putting on the mask is an immediate chill and that is the feeling that accompanied me to every 15 minutes that the mask was on me. The mask has an amazing flower fragrance and it contains hyaluronic acid and blue floral extracts. The mask is designed to soothe the skin and provide moisture and shine. After removing the mask, I felt that the skin got the amount of moisture it needed and the skin felt more tense. I was very excited about this product. It is highly recommended.

Glow serum:

The serum is enriched with 24-carat gold particles and hyaluronic acid. After placing the serum, the little gold sparkels does appear on the facial skin, not everyone will like it, but the serum does revive the facial skin and makes it look glowing. The serum comes with a dropper, which I love very much and find it useful. In general, it’s a cute gimmick. I didn’t fall for it.

In conclusion, I was pleasantly impressed by the brand so.ko. Their prices are relatively low compared to the big brands and the products give results.

My morning routine – Facial Skin Care

A few years ago no product ever touched my facial skin except the water with which I washed my face in the mornings. but what to do, with the age comes the wrinkles and with them the awareness of the importance of skin care.

I experimented with lots of products from different cosmetics companies until I found my winning combination.

So, first thing I do in the morning is to wash my face with the pixi cleanser from the rose cream series.
I feel that this cleanser cleanses my skin well.

After the cleanser i use pixi toner from the same series. I feel it balances the moisture in my skin. I actually drip a few drops onto a piece of cotton wool and apply it all over the skin area.

Next, I apply the hydrating serum from Bio Active Care. It is a moisture-rich serum designed to restore facial skin.

For moisturizing, I use day and night face cream from the hydrolique series of Bio Active Care. This is a super moisturizing face cream that leaves the skin glowing, a result I have not achieved with any other face cream.

And for the eyes I use eye cream from the hydrolique series of Bio Active Care as well.

Combining these products works perfectly for me. I have normal to dry skin and for me the result after using these products is amazing. My facial skin looks healthier, younger and tighter.

Flavored water – tasty and healthy

I do not drink enough water and it charges a price, I am weak, not essential and my skin complexion is pale and unflattering.

I thought a lot about ways to make myself drink more water and to put the artificial juices aside and realized that I just had to add a drop of color and flavor effortlessly from ingredients I already had in the fridge.

Here are 4 recipes for water flavors that I particularly love:

1. Cucumber water:

Ingredients: half cucumber, half lemon, mint and rosemary.

2. Apple water:

Ingredients: half red apple, half green apple and mint.

3. Strawberry water and red grapefruit:

Ingredients: 3 large strawberries, half a lemon and a quarter red grapefruit.

4. Berries water:

Ingredients: Any berries you have in the fridge (there is also a frozen mixture) and half a lemon.

Add mineral water and enjoy!

Sabon’s New Hair Products – first impression

In my previous post, I shared with you that I recently renewed my ‘Sabon’ product line. The hair care products series is a new series where you can find shampoo, scalp scrub, hair serum and hair mask. From what I understand, and I hope I’m not mistaken, as of today the series comes in two scents: Jasmine and Green Rose. I’ve fallen in love in the past and am still in love with the fragrance of the Green Rose series and I’ve already purchased quite a few products from the series and so I purchased the hair products from that series.
Following initial use of the products, here is my review:

Scalp scrub: The Scalp scrub is the first step in this hair care Routine, the second is the shampoo and the third is the hair mask. The product is rich in minerals and salt from the dead sea and contains a mixture of unique oils. The purpose of this scalp scrub is to gently remove dirt from the scalp and give the hair a healthy and beautiful appearance. The scalp scrub should be apply on wet hair, massage until foamy and rinse off. The smell of the scrub is very pleasant in my taste and not like other body scrubs, this one has no oil liquid in the jar. The scalp massage feeling is very pleasant and the hair attached to the scalp naturally becomes soft and greasy but don’t worry – the grease goes down after shampooing. The result, of course, is not visible
after the first use, but the process was very fun and indulgent.

Hair Shampoo: The shampoo is also fragrant with a sour rose scent. At first I was worried that the shampoo would not foam and will make it difficult for me to wash my hair, but I was happy to find out the opposite. The shampoo lashes beautifully and leaves the hair soft as after using a conditioner or a hair mask and with a wonderful scent. The shampoo comes in a 300 ml plastic bottle that will last me for a long period also thanks to the fact that it is frothy. At this point I am satisfied with the product.

Hair Mask: This is a unique mask because it can be used in 3 ways: It can be used as a hair conditioner, it can be used as a mask and can be used as a leave on mask. The texture of the mask is typical to the different hair masks and the scent is exactly the same as the other products in the series.

Conclusions After the initial use of the products: I do not see a significant difference in my hair yet although I do feel that my hair has been nourished and soft to the touch. What excited me about this whole experience was the smell! I chose the Green Rose series whose scent I know and love very much, but what drove me crazy was that the scent just felt even hours after i washed my hair and it smelled very concentrated and strong. I felt the scent for hours tightly and couldn’t ignore it.
In the meantime I am very pleased with the products and of course I will continue to use them for a while. I will post conclusions of the hair products below after prolonged use.

Thanks for reading! See you in my next post 🙂

Winter lip care

It is important in winter to keep your lips moisturized and to prevent dryness that can cause cracks, sores and, in general, a bad appearance of the lips.

Two things I care about in winter:
One, to apply moisturizing throughout the day several times and especially in the morning before I leave my home.
Two, once a day, usually in the evening, I massage my lips with a gentle lip scrub.

‘Vazelline’ and ‘Labello’ are my favorite moisturizing lipsticks/cream’s who accompany me throughout the winter.

vaseline have recently released a number of mini cream’s with special and pleasant scents, I personally purchased the ‘creme brulee’ a very sweet ans tasty scent.

And if you want moisturizing lipsticks in different shades, labello has released a new set of moisturizing lipsticks in several different shades.

My favorite lip scrub, to date, is Laline’s. This is a very delicate lip scrub with a flavor that I just became addicted to. After using my lips are very soft.

Whatever your personal taste is, the main thing here is to keep your lips moisturized. If you do not take care of your lips no luxurious lipstick will hide the imperfections.