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Music for the soul

On Friday night, I like to sit down with a glass of redball vodka (yes, there is no cheaper drink than that) on the balcony, facing the sea and letting everything that has accumulated in me go up and out. Sitting alone with headphones and laptop, and I plunge into the depths of my soul. I recently lost a person that was very close to me, family, and during the week I have no time at all to think and process the information, I have hardly been able to mourn the loss, and maybe it is for the best. But on Friday night, after the first glass of drink, the emotion rises and floods, memories emerge and longing and he is more present than ever. And I do not stop writing about him, about the pain and the longing that never let go. And it calms me down and does me good. Last Friday, while I was writing to him, I saw a falling star, what makes that moment very special is the fact that when I wrote to him that I thinking about him precisely when I am experiencing beautiful moments, when I am watching beautiful sights, just as I finished writing this sentence, the star fell off. I felt him present, it was as if he was signaling me that he is looking down at me and listening to everything I was saying.
So here I am, on a Friday night, sitting down again with a glass of redball vodka (my most not classic, I already said ?!), the laptop is ready for another writing session and the Playlist is ready to play. Wish me luck.

My Playlist for this day consists of mostly quiet songs that shake my emotion and manage to peel off all of the layers and leave me light, just me and my emotion. Below is my Playlist for Fridays, hope this playlist will helps you connect to your emotion as it helps me.

See you in the next post.

My Playlist for Friday night or as I call it “HOME”:

1. Jersey Girl – Tom Waits
2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Into My Arms
3. Joni Mitchel with Peter Gabriel – My Secret Place
4. Rodriguez – I Think Of You
5. Kate Bush – The Kick Inside
6. Ralph Mc Tell – Streets Of London
7. Beirut – Nantes
8. Frank Sinatra – Killing Me Softly
9. She & Him – Thieves
10. Twin Peaks – Intro 
11. Deep Purple – Lalena
12. Depeche Mode – Strangelove
13. Duran Duran – Come Undone
14. Sade – By Your Side
15. Neil Young – Harvest Moon
16. Kate Bush – The Kick Inside
17. Annie Lennox – No More I Love You`s
18. Inxs – Never Tear Us Apart 
19. Hooverphonic – Mad About You
20. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Homemade pickles, brunch and wall rugs

My posts, starting today, will look a little different from recent posts. I realized that there is no need for to plan the content in advance, everyday life brings with it enough moments of inspiration and ideas that anyone can be inepired by and embrace them for themselves. So from today I will post posts in them I will share with you my daily life and the things I experience, the things that makes me happy and in general I will try to bring you guys interesting content, unplanned content that comes in motion authentically and flowing. Welcome to join me.

Yesterday, which was Tuesday, I started making a pickle jar with the vegetables I love: cauliflower, carrots and Kohlrabi. The vegetables are not ready yet, I will give them another day, and of course I have no idea how they came out (this is my first time) but I do not believe that such a simple task can fail.

how to make? I separated the cauliflower into relatively small flowers, cut the carrots into thin slices as much as possible and the Kohlrabicut into sticks, the vegetables I poured into the jar (I put the vegetables in the order that i cut them but I would recommend you to mix the vegetables before adding them to the jar so you don’t have to dig to the depths of the jar to get some greenery) I poured three glasses of water, one glass of vinegar, two tablespoons of salt, a little drops of lemon juice and a quarter cup of oil. I flipped the bottle several times to mix the ingredients and that’s it, two or three days and it’s ready. I love to eat pickles next to the meals and also as a snack alongside the wine or vodka redball (yes I know) that I usually drink on Friday nights, promising to keep you updated on how they came out when they will be ready.

I spent the rest of the day with my two boys (4 and 5 years old) and the 2-year-old baby that I was home with because of the corona virus but in the first second when I had a little time to myself, which happens when the baby falls asleep around 12 o’clock, I decided to pamper myself with a small snack.

I made two Fried Eggs, which I placed on two slices of bread smeared with pesto, and of course, I made myself a hot cup of coffee. While eating I watched Lydia Elise Millen’s YouTube channel, I love watching her content recently. Her YouTube channel, at least recently, revolves around home designing and this is because she recently bought her dream home that she still designs, fashion and beauty. Some may say that she presents a picture that is too perfect and even artificial, but for me, watching her content fills me with positive energy, the content inspires me, motivates me, and most of all, I love watching people that are happy and feeling good about themselfs, we have the opposite infront of us all day long. I encourage you to watch her channel if this content interest you.

Today was a super exciting and joyous day for me, today finally, after two months when the kids were with me at home because of the corona virus, they all went to kindergartens! Yas! Freedom!!! Those two months that they were with me at home were challenging, exhausting, funny, upsetting, those days were a squeezing emotions machine. It was difficult for the children allso as well, because in the end the life they known was taken from them. In addition to the quarantine, a person very close to me who I love passed away and another family member was hospitalized (thank goodness he is now in a good shape and healthy) For moments it felt like a movie, everything ran too fast and the extraordinary and extreme plot added to the feeling that it was some fictional plot and that we would wake up any second from the dream . it was not a dream, but it seemed like the beginning of its end, the children retorned to kindergarten and I started to breath again. This morning, after putting the kids in kindergarten, I decided to visit my sister and my mom, who lives with her, and sit down for a cup of coffee and a morning chat. The three of us sat in the balcony facing the sea and introduced me to the new crafts they created. In a previous post I mentioned the fact that my mom knits everything, including covers for decorative pillows, so get this three new pillow covers she knitted:

amazing or not?! In addition to my mother, my sister also has creative hands and head, she has also started to create insanely cool wall rugs

She uses a special weaving facility and special tools to create this stunning rug. The fabric she made has all kinds of different elements, for example, at the top of the fabric there are pom-poms and down the fabric there are wires that come off it. After talking to my sister, I realized that this is a very easy job to sink into and lose a sense of time so if you decide to try it, take it into account.

my sister purchased the facility and accessorise from amazon:


My sister also didn’t send me home empty-handed, and gived me three t-shirts

two of them she bought from the online store ‘NEXT’, the shirts are white with with inflated sleeves, the other shirt she bought from ‘MANGO’ but was small on her. So thanks to my sister for the presents and for the kindness. In general, I have to replenish my wardrobe with summer clothes, if you have offers for online sites that offer beautiful, high-quality clothing and that ships around the world wrote to me in response here.
And this is it for this time. follow my site and posts if you like.
See you in the next post! Bye Bye 🙂

The first day of spring

The whole world is in a difficult time, the Corona virus has hit all of the world and many people are currently quarantined in their homes. It is very symbolic to me that today we mantion and celebrating the first day of spring. The coming of spring marks for me a process of renewal, the rash after the storm, and that is what I wish for us during this time.
Here are some pictures of me in the spring vibe.

You are welcome to follow me on Instagram:


How did I stop drinking and smoking in one day!

Anyone who has known me for the past six years has known my new version, the latest update. Six years ago, and throughout my 20s, I lived a life of uncompromising hedonism. I spent almost every day of the week drinking a lot of alcohol and cigarette smoke emissions was always part of my image. I was, and I am still, a person who could not enjoy anything, anything, to the extent. When I drank, I drank to the point of obscurity and when I smoked, I smoked until my lungs burned and my hair smelled like an ashtray. Thank goodness I went through this period in one piece and thanks to that I can also say I’m sorry but I am not sorry or feeling any regret about my past. I have reached my thirties saturated with experiences, I won’t look back and regret that I did not live, did not travel, did not wander aimlessly, did not meet people without any special interest, all that I did and not only once. I ended the second decade of my life tired of my extreme life and night life. I realized that my body and mind needed something different. But that’s not what made me stop drinking and smoking.

Photo: pavel t.

The ability to stop living a life you have been accustomed to or stop consuming alcohol, quit smoking, eat chocolate, meat, carbohydrates, or actually stop anything else that has put you in a turbulence that is hard to step out from, must come from understanding, a deep, meaningful enlightenment that will let you examine the situation from the side, you will be able to look at yourself from a higher angle. I remember that moment, that very moment when I realized that my life had to change, I remember it well. A taxi dropped me off under the apartment I used to live in, after a long night out when I was drunk as hell, I lit a last cigarette before going to bed. As I slowly made my way toward the entrance to the building, I realized; These people I spent the night with, who are actually locking in the night and coming to their home, they are good friends, I spend the time with them just as I wanted, but if the body betrays me beacuse of the destructive life I managed, they might be sorry for me but they don’t really Or will be an essential part of me. I realized that I was probably pushing aside the really important things that would build me as a person and advance me later in my life. If you want to get out of some situation you must think about what really matters, we set out on this world air alone and so do we leave it, we must surround ourselves in a enveloping, good and loving environment and we must know that we have done what is possible to extend our stay here. Don’t be sorry when it’s too late, try not to be helpless.

Then the enlightenment came, but I felt I wasn’t strong enough to cut off the habits I loved so much. But this was the most significant step in the rehabilitation process. I took this recognition in mind as I continued to live my normal life, but I already had a stick on wheels that never stopped making problems and ruined every night’s out and all the lighting of a cigarette. That was the beginning of the beginning – and it’s not a mistake. My restoration is a start. point. I believe that because of this understanding, I began to see the things that mattered to me and as if my spatial vision was beginning to clear. I knew my husband and started to build a home.
So yeah, I stopped drinking and smoking in one day, the day I found out I was pregnant but it didn’t lower the value of the acts. Certainly some would say that this is not a big deal because the condition requires me to quit but I see the picture differently and the fact that I did not return to drink or smoke even 5 years after giving birth proves that the process I went through was profound and meaningful. I believe that to make a real change you have to go through a self-examination and a real understanding of what is important in our lives and what is less.

So after watching the positive answer of the pregnancy test, I lit a cigarette with the understanding that it would be the last one. Standing there on the porch and not copying my eyes from the cigarette, I realized in real time that it was a great moment that I would like to remember, a moment I would be proud of, and I really am, very proud of it. I was only able to smoke half a cigarette from that last cigarette.

5 top Eurovision songs of all time!

I am an Eurovision fan. Here, I said it. As the show begins, I am equipped with paper and pen and rate the five best songs and performance in my opinion and compare it with the final results.

During this time all participating countries choose the songs that will represent them in the European competition in may and I, as a nostalgic type, recalled my 5 favorite songs of the competition of all time.

Here are my top five favorite songs of all time:

5. Sweden 2012 – loreen with ‘euphoria’

4. Cyprus 2018 – Eleni foureira with ‘Fuego’

3. Romania 2012 – Mandinga with ‘Zaleilah’

2. Israel 1998 – Dana international with ‘Diva’

1. Itali 2017 – Francesco Gabbani with ‘occidentali’s karma’

What are your favorites?

Flavored water – tasty and healthy

I do not drink enough water and it charges a price, I am weak, not essential and my skin complexion is pale and unflattering.

I thought a lot about ways to make myself drink more water and to put the artificial juices aside and realized that I just had to add a drop of color and flavor effortlessly from ingredients I already had in the fridge.

Here are 4 recipes for water flavors that I particularly love:

1. Cucumber water:

Ingredients: half cucumber, half lemon, mint and rosemary.

2. Apple water:

Ingredients: half red apple, half green apple and mint.

3. Strawberry water and red grapefruit:

Ingredients: 3 large strawberries, half a lemon and a quarter red grapefruit.

4. Berries water:

Ingredients: Any berries you have in the fridge (there is also a frozen mixture) and half a lemon.

Add mineral water and enjoy!

5 TikTok videos that made me laugh this week

1. https://vm.tiktok.com/bkuJK8/

The trends change so fast and it’s so refreshing and funny to see this cute grandpa trying to keep up and make his granddaughter laugh.

2. https://vm.tiktok.com/bkmdSF/

Okay, okay, this is a super funny and talented girl and everything that she touches became gold. This is the video that ripped me off laughing this week.

3. https://vm.tiktok.com/bku32w/

This is a genius video in its simplest. A father and his baby daughter eat together when suddenly the baby daughter decides she doesn’t like the food.

4. https://vm.tiktok.com/bkm4wq/

We are all different and we are all beautiful.

5. https://vm.tiktok.com/bkfBMW/

I love these videos. See how nature can respond to us and take revenge on us as we deserve.

Instagram profile’s that inspired me this month

1. Billie Eilish

Oh My God, this girl! What is she?! I’ll buy everything that she represents! She is a blending of everything into one: She is a beautiful girl who does not give in to the usual beauty dictates, soft yet rough, rough but with the voice of an angel. vulnerable but distant and mysterious. And she’s only 18! In my eyes she represents the future.

2. Winnie Harlow

Winnie is a beautiful and successful model that represents something very important and wonderful in this world. we should always remember that we are a material in the creator’s hand and each one of us is beautiful in his own way. Winnie should be a symbol for those girls and women who feels different and not pretty, the beauty is mostly on the inside. Feel good about yourself and empower who you truly are on the inside and everyone else will already fall in love with you.

3. Celeste Barber

celeste is a woman full of sense of humor, she is not ashamed to laugh at herself and at the world. Celeste laughs, among other things, at the concept of “perfect”, she chooses a published picture or video that usually presents a perfect life and shows her own interpretation to it.

4. Andreea Ali

Andrea is a professional makeup artist who grew up in Romania but currently lives in France. On her page you will find lots of makeup tips and examples. If you’re a makeup artist or even an amateur, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in Andrea’s Instagram page.

5. Kirby Jenner

OK, this man is hilarious!
Kirby is a Photoshop artist who introduces himself as a Jenner family member and simply pastes his image brilliantly on photos of the Jenner family, the world famous family. You just have to see to believe how good it is.



You are used to seeing them meticulous and formal; the makeup is perfect, the spine is straight and self-consciousness is in full control. So what happens if large quantities of alcohol are added to the menu? Here is a number of videos of leading You tubers and well-known characters with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers allow themselves to lose some (much) of control in front of the cameras. So treat yourself and have a glass of champagne, a martini or whatever makes you feel happy and enjoy. Jaclyn Hill She is one of the world’s leading you tubers with 5.9 million (!) Follower, that uploads videos with makeup tutorials and make-up reviews on her channel. Jaclyn, who has recently launched a makeup company that bears her name, is a well-known you tuber which stirred up a lot of controversy among hers followers because of her extroverted personality. Although this is an old video which she uploaded about two years ago, it is a video that you just have to watch! With Her BFF beside her, her partner in crime, these two, in this hilarious video, tried to put on makeup as they used to but this time the mission was much harder because of all the alcohol involved. The video is filled of bouncing music, not-so-bad lip-syncs, stormy dances and lots of jolting. Let me just say: I wish to be the third wheel if these two will decide to do it again one day. Kathleenlights With 4.1 million of followers, Kathleen, a known YouTuber, an makeup artist, opened hers channel back in 2013. Like many others, she uploads videos with makeup tutorials, product reviews, and much more. Kathleen uploaded this particular video few weeks ago in which she and her friend tried to put on makeup while having fun and talking (at least trying) in Spanish – their native language. It’s funny to see how they break their teeth in efforts to speak respectable Spanish and to make their parents proud but fail in such a gracefully way. In the video there is subtitle in English. Seth Meyers – “Late Night with Seth Meyers If you have seen Seth Myers’s Night Show before and if you didn’t you better watch the next video: The video was uploaded on YouTube last June in the show’s official channel and the host was no other than Rihanna! Over the three months during the video was on air, it garnered 10.4 million views and over 16,000 comments. Why is the huge success you ask? Well – let’s not easily forger that we talking about a huge singer who has millions of fans, but also because Seth’s big sense of humor which under the influence of alcohol is even more better. It also funny to see Rihanna play along and interacts with him with A good sense of humor. In this video Seth invented creative alcoholic drinks with names reminiscent of names Rihanna’s big hits which he finally drank them and even made Rihanna drink them with him. If you liked the video, you should also visit the video that his hosts was his mom who taught him who has the highest capacity for drinking alcohol between the two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwuY5wBw70s Kylie jenner How can we close this list without the Kardashian / Jenner family? We can’t! So…In the next video, Kylie was hosting her sister Chloe, and introduce her with the new collection of Kylie cosmetics while drinking alcohol straight from the bottles. Although the video feels less authentic than the rest, perhaps because these two were not alone. But the alcohol content eventually came to life and even the youngest millionaire opened a bit and allowed herself to go crazy with her sister on the set. It is important to emphasize: I do not encourage excessive drinking because we all know that it can lead to addiction and to real life risk. If you choose to drink then find out someone you trust to drive you home, and finally, after it’s all said…cheers!!!

Inspiration board – December 2019

Tradition continues and this time I sat down to prepare my monthly inspiration board with new aspirations for the next month and different energies from the last one.

I invite you to take a look at my previous blog where I detail how I create my monthly inspiration board.

This time I want to dwell a little bit on what stands behind my pictures choices.

My aspiration for the coming month is to empower myself, to love myself and to take care of myself because there is no one who know how to do it better then I do.

I hope I will be full of creativity and a desire to develop myself even if it seems difficult at times.

The result

Last month inspiration board

Wishing you all a wonderful month!