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Third time, ice cream!

This day I started studying for a test that will take place in early June. This is a course in my literature degree, a course that makes me a hard time. I failed this course already on two tests, hoping for the third time to be a success. When I study for a test, I like to write in a notebook things that I should remember from the material while reading the textbook, it greatly facilitates me and helps me remember the material. And of course a kitschy girl like me will hold the most amazing notebook in the world. This is a spiral notebook I purchased in Accessorize store, on the cover theres a beautiful unicorn figure and there is also a zippered pocket for storing pages or documents.

In the afternoon, I took time out, made myself stuffed cigars with meat, made myself gravy and made a cherry tomatoes salad. This is a lazy lunch like me today but it was really tasty.

While eating I watched a new reality series I love “Alone – the beast”. This is a series from the History Channel, each time documenting three people who do not know each other who are trying to survive for a month with only the clothes with which they came. This is a very interesting series that, ironically, I love to watch while I eat.

In the afternoon the whole tribe had already arrived home and the mess started. I don’t know what the weather is all over the world but here were 36 degrees so I decided to go down with the kids to the backyard to enjoy some of the nature and the green. It was my day. Here are some pictures from the pastime in the yard:

See you next time!